Flawless Execution: How to Choose a Wedding Officiant

While attending “The One Bridal Show” at the Mandarin Oriental San Francisco, Amazáe Special Events had the pleasure of meeting Reverend Katherine, who sheds light on the importance of carefully selecting a wedding officiant in this feature blog. Rev. Katherine officiates weddings in the greater San Francisco Bay Area, and is also available for destination weddings and elopements. Visit her website at http://richerliving.org/weddingceremonies


By Rev. Katherine Revoir

I’ve been officiating weddings for years, and I’ve noticed that more and more couples want their ceremony to be as important and meaningful as the rest of their big day.

Choosing an officiant can be an uncomplicated decision if you have your radar set to one channel: resonance. What does your intuition tell you when having an initial phone conversation with this officiant? Does he or she really care about what you want and how you want people to feel at the ceremony? Do you resonate with his or her spiritual philosophy? How will this person make your guests welcome, and if you want, to be invited to participate in the ceremony?

Here are a few guidelines:

• You will get what you pay for in an officiant. If you’re using a friend or relative who is not experienced, it may be wonderful or you may have some surprises. If you choose an inexpensive officiant, you may be getting a generalized ceremony that is not written to your spiritual preferences. It takes a lot of time to meet with a couple, craft a personalized ceremony that has your needs as a priority, to manage a rehearsal, take charge of and perform the ceremony, and answer questions and concerns along the way.

• Check out a prospective officiant’s Yelp reviews and ask for references.

• Get clear information about how much time he or she will spend on the preparation of your ceremony.

• Notice how flexible he or she is about making changes.

A strong resonance helps you to entrust this person with a very tender and sacred task. When you are comfortable with your officiant, you are free to relax and enjoy this most sacred experience.

Below is a pdf file from my website with some good questions to ask when interviewing an officiant:


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